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I’ve really wanted to do this for awhile, so after Fanime I suddenly decided I needed to sit down and do it. So it took me about three weeks, but I finished it.

It’s literally an alphabet book, although I had to get creative with some of the letters lol. I drew him so many times I kind of forgot how to draw him at some points haha so some of these look really weird @-@

I’ve already sent it to print so hopefully this book will be available at AX! It’ll also be a pretty short run book, I don’t want to make a lot or reprint it. I’ll post all the pages pretty rapidly, so it will all be available for free online eventually :))

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My ABC book proof! Each letter is a character and you can get an idea how they are all laid out here :)) I’ll start posting all the pages soon!

Again, these will only be available to buy at conventions I’m attending, the soonest being AX. All the pages will be posted up online eventually for free though :)

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ABC’s with Benedict Cumberbatch - B & C
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ABC’s with Benedict Cumberbatch - B & C

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Anime Expo Pricelist!!! For my previous pricelist with better size comparisons, go here: click.

I will be at AX all four days, hopefully full time, and I will be at table G9; for a map, go here: click.

This is ALL I will have at AX, and I will have limited stock because of travel, so if you want several things or are buying for people please come early. I’m not selling these online or anywhere else currently, but you can buy some of the group books from other sellers. Check my header for an explanation of my online selling.

1) Ghostbook - $35

-group book from 13Crowns - my part is 4 pages b&w comic

2) 7 Patch Problem - $25

-group book - my part is 27 pages b&w comic

3) Red Pants Booklet - $10

4) Benedict ABC Book - $10

5) Sir Boast a Lot - $10

-group book - my part is 2 pages color illu

6) Time and Relative Drawings in Space - $10

-group book - my part is 8 pages b&w comic

7) But Then Doodlebook - $15

8) Vinyl 6 sticker packs - $10

-6 of my RedBubble stickers; NOT mix and match sorryyy

9) John and Sherlock Pillowplushie set - $40

10) Large prints 13x19 - $20

11) Letter prints 8.5x11 - $10

For better explanations of the content of each book or other questions, check back through my blog first for more information before messaging me. Also, I’m not taking reservations or anything, sorry!

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